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Valentines Gift for woman & men. Crochet heart amigurumi.

25 EUR / In stock.
Flower heart plant. Crochet heart decor. Heart stuffed decor home. Handmade red heart.

Crocheted handmade wiht pure cotton yarn, and hipoallergenic stuffed.

To be it straight, it has a wooden stick inside it, so it is not advisable for small children o babies.

Belongs to the amigurumis category, a type of toy or traditional charm in Japan, where it is a sign of friendship and trust the person who is gives him, is like "giving away" a part of you, so that you remember.

Color: Red, green and brown.

Approximate measures: 3.54 inches (9 cm9 diameter, 6.29 inches (16 cm) high.

Washing: hand wash and dry in horizontal.

Ideal gift for your partner on Valentine's Day, or just as a treat for yourself, and is a super fun gift idea to give to your friends.

Based on a pattern of Puntos de Fantasía.

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