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Sleepy baby doll. Small Knit doll. Soft Knit baby toy. Baby's first doll. Baby shower gift. Knit sleepy doll. Crochet baby doll softie. Unisex baby toy. Amigurumi sleepy doll.

22.50 EUR / In stock.
Is handmade crocheted with 100 % cotton yarn.
A special doll for babies and young children, not dangerous for them pieces is handmade with 100% cotton, especially for babies, and stuffing wadding.

Dimensions: 7.08 in (18 cm) long, and 9.44 in (24 cm) with hat.

Go make it personal: If you want it in other color, please choose it or contact me.
I cand add the name you wish. Just ask for it when buying the article.

Washing: hand wash and dry in horizontal. It is perfect for your baby o as a gift for other babys or future parents.

It is based on a pattern of "Lanas and tangles"

On the shop you’ll find, many other anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is, but especially baby clothes.
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