Baby clothes and Gifts

Pink Knitted bag. Pink crochet clutch. Pink Party handbag. Clutch handbag. Gilfriends gift. Handmade bag. Clutch evening bag. Summer bag.

35 EUR / In stock.
Crocheted with T-Shirt gauze (Fetuccia), which makes it very light.

He wears a chain of bronze, and a beads like dragonfly of the same metal.
Closed with two magnetic clasp, for more security.

Color: Pink with bronze chain and bead.

Measures: Width: 10,62 in (27 cm), height: 9,44 in (24 cm), 47,24 in (120 cm) chain.

Is ready to be sent.

It is the perfect complement for any outfit!!
Ideal in the summer, or for any party at any time of the year.

Perfect gift or just as a treat for yourself.

On the shop you’ll find, not only handbags, but many other articles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is, specially clothes baby.

Do not miss it before leaving!

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