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Lucky clover Amigurumi. Clover in potted crochet. Clover pot crocheted handmade. Collection clover toy. Gift crocheted amigurumi. Gif for girlfriends.

20 EUR / In stock.
Amigurumi pot with 4 leaf clover (lucky)..

Crocheted, handmade thread 100% cotton, eye safety & hypoallergenic wadding.
Amigurumis: It is Japanese tradition, are dolls with different shapes, sign of friendship and good luck.
It can be used as a toy, decorative motif, key (in the order I include a ring for it to be able to), pendant bags or backpacks, and part of collections.

Measures: 2.36 in (6 cm) high, 1.96 in (5 cm) wide.  

Washing: You can hand wash and dry in horizontal.

Is ready to be sent.

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