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Lemon amigurumi handmade. Miniature crochet lemon. Crochet lemon toy. Collection amigurumi food. Key chain lemon. Decoration lemon. Soft toy lemon.

18 EUR15 EUR / In stock.
Crocheted with thread 100% cotton. Hypoallergenic stuffing wadding

It can be used as a toy, soft toy, key chain...Part of a collection of Food amigurumis. Decorative object...

A amigurumi, according to tradition, in Japan, is a sign of friendship and good luck when you give it away to a friend or family.

Measures: 2.16 in wide and 1.96 in high.

Washing: You can use hand wash and dry in horizontal.

On the shop you’ll find, not only amigurumis, but many other anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is. Especially clothes baby.

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