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Keychain octopus. Octopus amigurumi. Crochet small octopus. Funny Keychain. Knitted keychain with cotton octopus mini.

15 EUR / In stock.
Crocheted with cotton 100 % yarn, saffety eyes, stuffed hipoalergenic, and steel ring.

Octopus is Ideal for use as a keychain or hang from a backpack, purse...
It's in different colors to choose, but If you want it in other color, please contact me.

Amigurumis are handmade dolls, crocheted , originating in Japan, where they are considered a sign of good luck, which is given away to friends.

Approximate measures: 2.36 inches diameter.

Washing: Hand wash and dry in horizontal.

The price varies depending on  you buy 1 or 2 keuchains: 1 Price: 15€
                                                                                                          2 Price: 25€

On the shop you’ll find, not only kaychain amigurumis, but many other anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is, specially clothes baby. Do not miss it before leaving! 

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