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Crochet Star Appliques. Set 3 stars crocheted. Crochet star motif. Stars scrapbooking. Star to scrap. Star ornament Christmas. Cotton Stars.

5 EUR / In stock.
Set 3 star, crocheted with 100% cotton thread.

Price: 5 € for Set 3 appliques Star.

If there are not enough quantities in stock feel free to contact me.
You can choose the color of them (all the same or each color), just tell me what you want by message, if not to say various colors, are all the same color. If you want it in other color, please contact me.

Approximate measurements: 2.36 in wide and 2.36 in long.

Washing: You can use washing machine (delicate garments program), but it is preferable hand wash and dry in horizontal.

On the shop you’ll find, many anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is. Especially baby clothes.
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