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Crochet clutch denim. Clutch handbag blue. Party handbag denim. Small Knit bag. Boho clutch. T-Shirt yarn crochet. Soft Knitted bag. Woven clutch. Cute women gift.

25 EUR / In stock.
Crocheted with special trapillo yarn, made polyester and viscose.
Closes with a magnetic clasp (view photo).

This cute hand clutch is perfect for bringing the mobile phone, the house keys, a little purse…, or it can be used as a little case inside your handbag.

It has as decoration a applique with flower form, if you wish to buy an equal or similar one to decorate, or customized your clothes or articles: jacket, sweater, dress, coat, scarf, hat, headband, purse, bag, backpack....., here you have on the shop (Crochet appliques). 

Color: Blue jeans or denim.

Approximate measures: 8.26 in (21 cm) lenght, 4.33 in (11 cm) width.

Washing: Hand wash and dry in horizontal.

This is the perfect adornment for any outfit, and this is a perfect gift for any woman, of any age. 

On the shop you’ll find, not only handbag & cases, but many other anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is, specially clothes baby.
Do not miss it before leaving!

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