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Black handmade scarf or triangular shawl

38 EUR / In stock.
Hand Knit scarf shawl triangular vellut very soft and warm to wear. 
Perfect for ice cold days. This is the perfect adornment for any outfit, as well as a must have fall and winter accessory!
It is also ideal as a complement to a party.
Beautiful Christmas gift.

It is perfect for you, as if you have to make a special unique and original gift to: teacher, doctor, boss, or any person with whom you want to look good. I'm sure you'll love it when you see it and touch it.

Hanknitted with a new fantasy short hair yarn, with a beautiful texture. It is specially thought for cold seasons, like autumn and winter.

Color: Black

Approximate measures: 62.99 inches (160 cm) across and 18.74 inches (40 cm) long from the point up.

Washing: Hand wash, roll out excess water in a towel, air dry.

In the shop are more models in different colors and textures, , but many other anticles, all hand-made, for everyone whatever their age is, specially clothes baby.

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