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Baby Party dress. Red baby dress. Newborn red dress. Knit baby dress. Winter baby dress. Baby girl dress. Babyshower girl. Merino wool baby dress.

35 EUR / In stock.
Baby Party dress. Red baby dress. Newborn red dress.

Knitted with of a soft mixture of wool and cotton. Specially babies. Very soft, hypoallergenic and delicate skin for babies.

Decorated to close in the back, with a 2 buttons shaped red heart.

It has drawn a small house, taking advantage of the different types of stitch that allows to work to Knitted.

I give you a hair clip, matching the colors of the dress.

Color: Red

Measures: 11,81 inches (30 cm) lenght, 8,87 inches (20 cm) width, and 8,87 (20 cm) inches sleeves.

Washing: You can use washing machine (delicate garments program), but it is preferable to be baby clothes hand wash and dry in horizontal.

t is perfect for your baby, o as a gift for other babys or future parents. Ideal as a gift for a babyshower.

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