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Knit sleepy doll. Baby doll with pacifier. Soft baby toy. Cute baby doll. Knit sleepy toy. Amigurumi crochet. Hand Knit doll. Nursery decoration. Newborn gift

28 EUR / In stock.
Crocheted handmade wiht cotton 100 % yarn, eyes safety and hipoallergenic stuffed.

They are small and soft doll, ideal for younger children, including babies, and they are perfect for your baby o as a gift for other babys or future parents.
This doll is perfect for the baby to sleep with it.
I cand add the name you wish. Just ask for it when buying the article.

It is included within the category of amigurumis, a type of toy or traditional charm in Japan, where it is a sign of friendship and trust the person to whom it gives him, is like "give away" a part of you, so that you remember .
It can also be used as a decorative object.

Colour: Blue (Photo) but there are more colors to choose, before ending the sale. You can choose the hair and dress color.

Approximate Measures: 9,05 in (23 cm) lenght, 5,90 in (15 cm) width.

Washing: You can use washing machine (delicate garments program), but it is preferable to hand wash and lay flat to dry.  

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