Baby clothes and Gifts


Hello to everyone reading these words!

I relax knitting and crocheting, an activity that I learnt from my mum and she learnt from hers.

In this shop I've grown as a crafter.

Here you will be able to find unique products. When I work, I always put all my effort in getting original and unique products.

As you will see, in the shop there are very different items (all handmade, with the best products in the market), from baby clothes, to bags or amigurumis, scarves, baby toys or products to decorate your home.

Anyhow, the thing with which I enjoy the most is helping you to dress babys, with clothes that, through their designs and colors, take them to a world of illusion and creativity.

This is how I decided to open this shop in order to show what I do,

If you have any doubt, you can contact me well through the means of Etsy or, if you prefer it, to the following mail: